Clover Leaf Props

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Each prop is made to order. Check out the Pricing page for details!!!

 Performance Sets

Include Everything you need to show in several events. Includes 2 Standards, 8 poles, 4 flower pots, number, flags, cups, and rope. Also includes Course Cards for hunter, jumper, English and Western Trail in Poles and Gate.

Can be used in Following Set ups:
1. Hunter Jump- Standards, 4 white poles, flower pots, 4 cups
2. Stadium Jump- Standards, 4 striped poles, flower pots, cups, flags
3. Trail Gate- Standards, rope, flower Pots
4. Trail Poles A- 4 striped poles, flower pots
5. Trail Poles B- 4 white poles, flower pots

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Donut Race Set

Perfect for games classes! Sets include Donut Race, extra box of Donuts, and an explanation card. Barrel not include.

Stepping Stone Race Set

Perfect for Games Class. Each set includes 6 Stepping "stones" and an explanation card. Can be ordered in any color

Egg and Spoon Race Set

Perfect for Games Class. Each set includes one egg on a spoon, 3 dropped eggs, and an explanation card.

Water Bucket Race Set

Perfect for Games Class. Each set includes one water bucket with "splashing water", one bucket with "spilling water", a barrel, and an explanation card. Game is played while mounted.

Ring Toss Game

Great for Games Class. Sets include 2 traffic cones, 6 Rings and an explanation card.

Traditional Barrels

Available in a verity of colors. This piece was finished in green and white to represent a 4-H Barrel

Pole Bending Sets

Made in every scale. Each set includes two poles. Can be painted with two or three stripes.