Clover Leaf Props

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I do sometimes accept trades, however trades will only be accepted for the following items. Please contact me first to work out arrangements.

Stone Models

  1. Pebbles ASB with head up
  2. Spring Loaded
  3. Foundation QH mold with Braids & glossy
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody
  5. Octopi

Breyer/Other Plastic Models

  1. Bobby Jo
  2. Classic TBs, Mustangs and QHs by Love
  3. Quelle Surprise Matte Creamello Lonesome Glory
  4. Copperfox Cob
  5. Glossy Bold Impression (Huck Bey)
  6. Kalahkaari
  7. Oasis
  8. Mauvelous
  9. Lady C
  10. Breyer Conneseiur models
  11. Royal Kaliber
  12. Rajah


LSQ Pebbles tack

Tack by Susan Taylor

D'Arry Western Riders

Traditional Gaited Tack Set (for Stone ASB)

Traditional Scale Parade Costume 


  1. Unpainted or Painted Herden C.O.W.S.

  2. LSQ Traditional Working Set


  1. Any D'Arry custom
  2. Customs by Kathman
  3. CMs by Purdy
  4. Hey Mule
  5. Sarah MB Custom Minis
  6. Repaints by Bainbridge
  7. Vespers resin by D'arry Jone Frank
  8. LSQ Repainting Service
  9. Vixen resin by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig
  10. Resins by Brigitte Eberl
  11. Indigo Beau resin by Lynn Fraley
  12. Vivaldi resin by D'arry Jone Frank
  13. Kidd Brother resin
  14. Power Steering/Whiplash